I am the Spice Girl



Question #1: Have you ever found yourself up to your elbows in a project and suddenly think "how did I get in this mess?"

Question #2: Have you ever been searching for a particular spice, KNOWING you have it, but never able to find it?

This is what happened to me on Thursday. I was trying to throw a meal in the crockpot before I had to leave for a few hours, but I could not find the turmeric. I knew it was in there somewhere since I had recently bought it for this specific recipe. It was driving me crazy. I looked three times in the "spice cabinet" but I have so many spices and other baking supplies that it couldn't be found. Suddenly I snapped! I was pulling out spices and sugar's like a maniac! I didn't care where they were landing, they were coming out. Before I knew it, the entire cabinet was empty and I was washing the shelves down. I didn't really have time for a cabinet-reorganization project. But I couldn't take it any more.

I was able to find the turmeric and everything else I needed to finish the recipe. So it all got dumped in the crock pot and I left the kitchen a mess. When I came back, I just laughed at how many spices I have. I don't mind having a great variety (which I do), but rather how many duplicates there were. I think I had 3 dry mustard, 4 thyme, and a ridiculous amount of lemon pepper. I also had 6 opened bags of powdered sugar that were only half full (twixits FTW).

My mom taught me to alphabetize my spices, which I do. Do other people do that? It doesn't stay in order for very long, but it helps. I feel so much better with my spice cabinet clean and orderly. I'll post the recipe I was making, it turned out really yummy!

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From now on I will call you "Liz Spice".

Can you add the Weight Watchers points to your meals?

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