100 Healthy Food Rules to Govern Your Kitchen, part 3



What to eat

Learn which foods and food groups to stick with in these rules.

Eat your greens: Greens and vegetables will help give you the health that you need.
Enjoy oily fish: Fish like salmon and mackerel are full of excellent omega-3 fatty acids.
Drink your milk: Give yourself the milk you need, and your kids two to three servings of dairy per day.
Eat wild foods: Berries, fish, and other food you can find in nature is often good for you. Just be sure to research and make sure what you’ve found is safe to eat.
Focus on whole grains: When eating breads and pastas, make sure what you’re eating is made of whole grains.
Eat in two food groups-things that move, and things that grow: If it’s not a plant or an animal, don’t eat it.
Eat food that doesn’t have an ingredient label: Fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods don’t often have ingredient labels.
Eat food your great grandmother would recognize: If your great grandmother would have no idea what it is you’re about to eat, skip it.

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