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uhoh! I'm sorry I am a few days late on my first Give-Away! I hope you don't fire me as your favorite healthy family cooking blog. I know you are all on pins and needles waiting to see who wins!

First off, I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments, it's so great to get feedback and to see people setting new goals. Grats to everyone who is striving to live a healthier life for themselves AND for familes. Secondly, I used www.random.org to decide the winner - and no, I did not let my husband enter the drawing (although I did appreciate him leaving a comment).

I did, however, choose a second prize that I will explain after I announce the winner, so keep reading!

without further ado, the winner is . . .

LAURA!!! My sister from Stansbury Park, Utah! Hooray!!! I hope no one gets mad about nepotism, but since more than half the replies were from family, I could't avoid it :) Grats on your new book. I hope you saw all the Food Revolution episodes, you can see them on HULU if you need to catch up on any. I would surely appreciate it if you would blog about your winnings today and encourage your blog readers to follow the FamilyScratch blog to let them know what a fab sister you have!!

And because my sweet cousin LANI was the only one who responded originally to the give-away, I am giving her something special too (dont tell my husband I went over my budget - oh wait, I dont have a blog budget...ooops)! I've recently discovered the Deen Brothers. They are the sons of the ever-famous chef Paula Deen and have made a name for themselves in healthy cooking (something their mother is not well known for). So I ordered two of their books from amazon.com. I'll be browsing both and give one to Lani when I see her this summer at our family reunion.
The Deen Bros. Take It Easy: Quick and Affordable Meals the Whole Family Will Love (Hardcover)
The Deen Bros. Y'all Come Eat (Hardcover)

Both sound great to me and I'm excited to read and cook from them both. Thanks again for being such loyal followers. I hope you will continue to post comments - it really makes my day to know people are reading my ramblings.

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YAY Laura! That is awesome, I can't wait to hear about your cooking adventures with Jamie!

HOOORAY HOORAY! I'm so excited! Thank you Liz and random.org! I'll be sure to let you all know some of my favorite recipes from Jamie!!

WOOO HOOOO!!!! SOOO excited! Thanks Liz! And congrats to Laura. We will definitely have to swap our favorites of each book.

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