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I just created a bean soup that we are going to try tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. I had a recipe, but decided to make up my own. Here's what I did . . .

1 can white beans
1 can red beans
1 can pinto beans
4 cans of water
about 1/4 cup dried onion (i'm out of real onion for some reason)
1 cup of salsa (I may add more later if needed)
1 cup of sliced pickled jalapenos (the kind you put on nachos or hot dogs. I didnt dice them because I know the young kids will want to pick them out.)
1 pkg of precooked cubed ham

I'm excited to try it. I love easy soups where you only have to dump the ingredients in the crock pot - no cutting, peeling, dicing, etc.

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