Re-Vamping the Revolution "Give-Away"



So apparently my Give-Away was a bit too much to ask of you all since only one person responded. So I am tweaking the rules just a bit in the hopes that more of you will participate (although my Cousin Lani is hoping no one else will, HAHA).

Basically, the main goal of the whole contest was to hear from my readers what your goal is when it comes to healthier eating for you and/or your family. What are you wanting to learn? do better at? hope to achieve? want to teach your family? Why are you reading this blog? Hopefully we can all gain inspiration from each other by hearing other's stories.

So here are the new rules: If you want to win Jamie's Revolution book, post a comment here about any of the following ideas (pick as many as you want)

* why you are interested in cooking healthier for yourself/family?
* what does "cooking healthy" mean to you?
* what changes have you made recently in your diet to be more health?
* what is hard and what is easy about eating healthy?
* any other idea you want to share with us is great too!

If you have your own blog or Facebook page, I encourage you to share these thoughts with your own friends and family too, but it's not required in order to win Jamie's book (extra hugs, however, if you give a link to my blog).

Contest still ends NEXT MONDAY, so post now! I look forward to hearing from you -

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Sorry, I must have skipped over the other Give-Away post.

Changes we have made to our diet lately to be more healthy are adding more fruits and vegetables to our meals. Sometimes it is just adding a glass of 100% juice or adding pureed carrots to our spaghetti sauce. It may not be the perfect way to eat the fruit or vegetable (ie. raw) but I think it may be a step in the right direction.

Several of us in our family are trying to lose weight and I've found that portion control is a real help. Measuring out the portion has been helpful to us in realizing what the appropriate amount of food is for a meal. Sometimes it is surprising to see how little food is in a single serving. Other times we are pleasantly surprised at how much a single serving offers. Overall, I've seen the amount of food I consume in a meal reduced, but I find that I must eat more smaller meals in a day. Drinking plenty of water is such a help since it helps take away some cravings.

Okay, okay, I'll post a comment! My goal is to eat less processed foods, especially refined sugar. This is hard, though, because I really don't cook from scratch. So, as a family, we are trying to choose healthier dishes from the arsenal we already have and to try a new, healthy dish each week. Hopefully, over time, we will have a bunch of healthy meals, that we all enjoy but aren't too complicated to make. :)

Oh sure! People are excited about the revolution until it is time to share the passion!!! Just kidding:) I like hearing other people's thoughts finally!

Lately I am focused on cutting sugar. Very hard for me. I'll do well for a couple days and then give in. So, I am getting back to basics. Cooking whole food, more veggies, less processed, using herbs and spices instead of fat and sugar for flavor, and increasing fiber to feel more satisfied.

i'm focused on simply eating better in order to a) fuel triathlon training and b) lose weight for triathlon. my wife has been making some fantastic changes in her meal planning that really help me reach my goals :D

i hit a plateau on weight loss but was still on reduced calories, so i took a tip from gillian and am eating very strict twice a week, moderate 3 times a week and splurge a little on the weekends. since i started doing this, i've started losing weight again (very slowly).

it's all hard, but my goal of doing an ironman makes it fairly easy to keep on track.

One of the things that helps me eat healhier is to have a real plan. (like a real menu, which is harder for me than it should be) I need healthy snacks around the house so that I don't go off track when I get super hungry. Another thing is to not let myself get to that super hungry phase because it's harder to choose the healthy stuff when I feel starved.
I want to cook more healthy meals for my family so that they get in the habit of eating healthy foods in their own lives.

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