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Six children? I have six children? When?... How?... WOW! It's starting to hit me that I have six children. Of course, I knew that this was coming upon us for quite some time, but like some things, it has taken awhile for reality to set in.

I gave birth to our 6th child, 5th daughter, last month. As often happens in our family, it happened with much drama and interesting points - mainly that she was born on the same day and exact minute as our oldest daughter. How weird is that?

So as our family has been adjusting to life with a newborn again, I have been trying to get myself back into the kitchen. I usually like to cook, but pregnancy had a funny way of robbing me of the joy-of-cooking. At the same time, my husband has been increasing his physical fitness and is "in training" to do an Iron Man Triathlon next year. Therefore, I realized I needed to revamp most of my recipes and family favorites to accommodate a more healthier lifestyle and a growing family.

Budget is always an issue at our home. Trying to cook with what is on sale and what we have in food storage is important to me. Now I have the added twist of making sure it is somewhat healthy so my husband can eat with us. It is difficult to cook all the "healthy" recipes that you find online and in books, because they are not often kid-friendly. So I reached a compromise of sorts with my husband. I would cook and prepare our meals more from scratch and with less frozen foods. I am also trying to avoid recipes with a lot of cheese, cream soups and sauces. Not to say that I never use those ingredients, just trying to keep it limited.

I've had several people ask me for my recipes as I've been talking about our family food-revolution. So I've started this blog to keep myself motivated and also share my recipes and findings with others. I'm certainly no professional when it comes to cooking from scratch. Nor am I a health-nut guru who will be touting whole wheat and whole grains are the only way to go. I'm just a mom of six kids and an incredibly sexy husband who is trying to keep the grocery budget in tact at the end of the month.

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Liz this is SO great! I'm so excited to see all the good recipes. Michael and I love good new healthy recipes. Maybe I'll send some of my favorites over as we come across them! Can't wait!

& the Sunday rolls are awesome!Thanks for sharing!

This is so great! I need help! Exercise alone is not cutting it! Thanks Liz!

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